Making the most of our services

The retail environment is not just about shelving products in a store. It is about placing them in a way that customers will see and grab your products. This can be achieved through a link between you and retailers. In today's highly competitive retail environment, one cannot afford a communication gap between retailers and customers. We, at Services Unlimited LLC offer you merchandising services that will surely put your product in the customers' hands. We are backed by an experienced team of merchandisers like none other in the industry. Our team takes pride in their work and is fully committed to it. We custom design a detailed retailing plan to capture that unique perspective you wish to have for a product or service. We can reach any retail store or department through our merchandisers. We are one of the only companies that offers comprehensive field marketing research that helps build and support your brand and its sales. Services Unlimited LLC will be a link between you and the stores, giving you a clear idea about the execution of the retail plan. An initial discussion is advised to determine the client's scope of work and choosing a service that best suits the requirements. We offer the following fundamental tools that will support the successful operation of your retail business.

Retail reporting

All merchandising reports are generated in collaboration with you. Each report is customized to its corresponding project which allows us to respond promptly to each inquiry made by you. Individual inquiries are in the form of key contacts at store level, product placements, competitive information, inventories, out of stock issues, and POS strategies. Each generated report can also be customized to suit your specific needs or requirements. Once the report is generated, we offer the ability to view reports and pictures online or through email which is sent within a few hours of report generation. The report and pictures can be downloaded from our website as well. Our online reporting system allows you to:

All these features allow us to generate high quality reports so that you can take action in response.

Seminars and Workshops

The management team of Services Unlimited LLC provides seminars and workshops on store design, marketing, visual merchandising and planning. We offer customized workshops to fit the attending retailers' demographics and needs. Our seminars are designed to assist store owners and managers in increasing the number of sales through customer attraction.

Training and Development

We offer training and development to store and department managers or associates. In addition, it is our role to guide the stores on key selling features of products that you want us to merchandise.